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“Nevertheless, I am continually with you; you hold my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will receive me to glory.” Psalm 73:23-24

Nevertheless. What a word! What a thought! What a truth this verse contains!

Asaph’s Struggle

The psalmist, Asaph, has just explained how he was embittered in his soul and acting in a brutish manner, like a beast, before God (v. 21-22). He was doubting God’s Sovereignty and God’s wisdom, complaining in the bitterness of his soul (v. 13-14) and envious when he saw the prosperity of those who were not serving the Lord (v. 2-3).

Asaph had doubted God’s care and God’s control over the universe, and he had questioned God’s care and love for him personally.

God, in His mercy, opened the psalmist’s eyes toward the truths of His Sovereignty and final justice, and He gave the psalmist understanding and wisdom to discern the final end (v. 17-20).

After spending time in the sanctuary of God and receiving this fresh insight and perspective on life, Asaph was convicted of his sin. He was convinced of his pride and arrogance, his unbelief and sinful complaints (v. 21-22). He had doubted God’s love, doubted God’s control, doubted God’s care, and questioned His wisdom and power and rule over the universe.

In essence, Asaph had thought he could do a better job than God in ruling the universe with equity and justice. What an offense toward God!

And then we come to this one glorious word:


    “Nevertheless, I am continually with you.”

    “Nevertheless, you hold my right hand.”

    “Nevertheless, you guide me with your counsel.”

    “Nevertheless, you will receive me to glory.”

What an ocean of grace is found in this one little word: nevertheless! I want to bathe my heart in it this evening! I want to enjoy every gentle wave of mercy it brings.

God’s love to me meets me right where I am. In the midst of all my sin and doubt, pride, selfishness, and complaining heart, I heard the Savior say, “Nevertheless, I am with you.” “Nevertheless, I forgive you.” “Nevertheless, I will guide you.” “Nevertheless, I will take you to eternal pleasures at my right hand.”


Take heart, dear believer. If you are in Christ, this is the banner that hangs over your life, even in the midst of your fallenness and sin.

“Nevertheless, I am with you and I receive you.”

What a word! What a truth! What a Savior is Jesus, the Christ!

I'm a husband, father of four, healthcare IT recruiter, pastor and writer. I live in the greater Nashville, TN area where I serve as an elder with Redeeming Grace Church (www.rgcnashville.com).