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When Age Meets Grace: What Thirty Somethings Need to Hear is available now on Amazon.

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If you are heading into your thirties, currently in the throes of your thirties, or reflecting on this unique season of life, this book is for you. Or, if you are simply looking for encouragement as you age, regardless of your age, this book is for you.

What Others Are Saying

“For many of us, the thirties have been filled will mundane tasks, working hard, and caring for family. There’s nothing glamorous about it and we’ve lost some of the excitement of “what’s next?!” that we had in our twenties. Craig Cooper gets it and he has a good word for those of us in the trenches—God is with us and grace abounds. When Age Meets Grace: What Thirty-Somethings Need to Hear reminds us that there is hope for the weary, tired, and even bored as Craig shines light on our great God and Savior. This book is indeed what we all need to hear.

Author of Fear and Faith (2015) and United (2014)

“The thirties are a time where personal responsibility is at an all time high, margin is at a low, and novelty of the twenties is long past in the rear view mirror. It’s been true for me. Craig Cooper understands the disillusionment of the thirties, but his wisdom doesn’t stop there. Craig models in his life and in his writings an anchoring beyond himself and a compelling hope in God’s grace. This book is a refreshing read and even an anticorrosive agent to the cynicism, resignation, frustration, and disillusionment that we all feel. Read and recover your thirties.”

Pastor Fellowship South Nashville

“We have so many voices in our culture telling us what we should value and who we should become. What this book does so well is let Jesus answer and define those pressing questions by viewing them through the lens of Scripture rather than the eyes of the world. Craig has been able to communicate a voice of Biblical truth that is louder and much more persuasive than anything in our culture. And it’s a voice worth listening to.”

Lead Pastor, Mercy Hill Church, Munster, IN

“Craig Cooper captures the feeling of loneliness and confusion I felt in {my thirties}…But like Craig himself, his book is also full of the wisdom and encouragement I wish I’d known when I was in the middle of that period of my life. Craig’s book is refreshing and should inspire every reader to accept the period when age meets grace. When Age Meets Grace: What Thirty Somethings Need to Hear will challenge you to be still, to listen for God’s voice, and thrive in what are some of the most rewarding years of your life.”

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